The Secret Skills Of These Famous Rockstars Revealed

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Behind the glitz and glamour of rockstar personas, many musicians possess hidden talents and skills that extend beyond their musical prowess. These artists have nurtured diverse passions and pursued alternative professions outside of the spotlight. Join us as we unveil the secret skills of six famous rockstars, showcasing their lesser-known talents and unique hobbies that go beyond the stage.

Jack White – The Upholstering Rocker

Before his rise to fame as a member of The White Stripes, Jack White honed his skills as an upholstery apprentice. Throughout his successful music career, White has retained his passion for furniture upholstery, acquiring a diverse skill set in carpentry, fabric knowledge, and even interior design. His love for this craft has remained a constant in his life, despite his musical achievements.


Maynard James Keenan – The Vintner Rockstar

Maynard James Keenan, renowned as the frontman of rock bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, possesses a hidden talent beyond his musical prowess. Keenan is a vintner and the proud owner of Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars in Arizona. While captivating audiences with his powerful voice, Keenan has also been cultivating a love for winemaking and operating his vineyards.


Cherie Currie – The Chainsaw Artist

Former Runaways frontwoman Cherie Currie has ventured into the world of art, showcasing her talent as an award-winning chainsaw artist. What began as a fluke turned into a passion as Currie embraced the power tool to create intricate wooden sculptures. Her impressive artwork, a testament to her creativity and skill, can now be admired by art enthusiasts.


Roger Daltrey – The Trout Farmer

After decades of rock stardom as the lead singer of The Who, Roger Daltrey found solace and fulfillment in his childhood pastime of angling. Daltrey’s unexpected hidden talent revolves around his involvement in trout farming. Since establishing Lakedown Trout Fishery in 1981, Daltrey has immersed himself in this unique profession, combining his love for fishing with a business venture.


Steve Vai – The Beekeeping Virtuoso

While Steve Vai is celebrated for his exceptional guitar skills, few are aware of his secret talent in beekeeping. Vai finds solace and escape from the demands of his music career in the company of bees. With a fascination for these creatures, beekeeping allows Vai to connect with nature and find peace in the focused and serene environment of his apiary.


Bob Dylan – The Metal Artist

Bob Dylan, the iconic singer-songwriter and cultural figure, has a lesser-known creative side as a metal artist. Growing up in an iron ore-rich region, Dylan developed a deep connection with iron and its artistic possibilities. Exploring this medium, he has delved into metal artistry, expressing his creativity through this unconventional artistic form.