The Secret To Iggy Pop’s Stunning Shape In His 70s Revealed

via aldonero64 / Youtube

Even at the age of 73, Iggy Pop still appears like he could do a lot of damage. The Stooges’ exuberant vocalist, who jumped about the stage with the boundless exuberance of a child buzzing on a birthday cake as his more jaded bandmates stayed in the background, pounding out a hurricane, helped create the proto-punk legend.

In his early years, he was all too prepared to put himself in danger in order to achieve creative perfection. Self-destruction evolved into a violation as if the frontman’s job was to reduce himself to a plaything and become obedient to Scott Asheton’s drum set.

Even after all these years, Iggy still exudes the enthusiasm that made his performances with The Stooges so riveting. Even though the Detroit band may have broken up, Iggy’s trademark stage outfit of ripped pants and no shirt is a constant feature of his live appearances.

The easiest method to track Iggy’s physical development is to watch Jim Jarmusch’s documentary on the Stooges, Gimme Danger, which features images of Iggy from 1970 to 2016. There isn’t a single one in which Pop doesn’t appear like he’s been pulled from the pages of a ’60s sporting magazine. Even in 2003, by which time he was well into his 50s, he is mobbed by swarms of adoring fans, all of them reaching out to take a bit of that trunk.

Jeremy Deller, a conceptual artist, even used Iggy’s body as the topic of a life drawing workshop at the New York Academy of Art. When explaining why he chose to lead the initiative, he stated about the musician:

“His body is central to an understanding of rock music and its place within American culture. His body has witnessed much and should be documented. The man looks incredible.”

Men’s health magazines have been wondering what it is that has kept Iggy in such fantastic form for years. As is so frequently the case, excellent genes are most likely the cause. Iggy’s mother is of Norwegian and Danish descent, therefore he possesses some remarkably hardy Scandinavian blood, the same that allowed the Vikings to plunder their way all the way to Constantinople.

Of all, being in fighting fit requires more than just Berserker genes. In fact, Pop’s body probably reflects his somewhat austere lifestyle. Iggy practices Tai Chi and Chi Kung outside at his modest Miami cottage home and while he is on tour. Even though he smoked cigarettes very much nonstop during the 1970s, he now only drinks one glass of red wine after live performances. In addition, he is a vegan, which, I’m sorry, carnivores, is obviously advantageous.

You’re going to feel a little bad about yourself in light of Iggy’s continued good health. But have no worry, the Iggy Pop diet plan has just been released by Far Out, making it simpler than ever to maintain a healthy weight. The rest is simple once the flesh has been removed. To start vaulting about the stage for two hours at a time, just start a rocking band. You’ll quickly discover that the weight just melts away.