The Secrets Behind Freddie Mercury’s Legendary Voice

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It’s Kind Of A Magic

Let’s get straight ahead, Freddie had a massive vocal range, (one factor) and that is a well-known fact. But how can such one person be so damn good, and the fact that he is still one of the greatest performers ever witnessed by mankind makes you wonder: What’s His Secret?

Well, his flamboyance and rockstar persona set the tone for the bands and even singers that came after, and even if the legend is six-feet-under (no pun intended) for almost 26 years now, we still talk about him, and he is still very influential in every ASPECT; like the man is very much alive.

Not only the looks, the attitude, the charisma, or any physical attributes is recognizable about Freddie. But THE VOICE, — so easily recognizable.

You wouldn’t even believe that the man was actually introverted. Maybe, you have noticed it, when not performing, he speaks in a low voice and was always trying to hide his huge front teeth like he’s insecure about them.

But when performing? — Man! SUCH AN ENIGMA!

EVERY PIECE OF HIM SAY’S “LEGENDARY!!” He could turn million on audiences into one, and hold them with his bare hands and touch their every hearts.

There’s no arguing here — there are many performers who are also an enigma when on stage. Like Mick Jagger, of course, but with Freddie’s voice,  that has a 4-octave range, keep in mind, Axl Rose has (or had) a vocal range of 6 octaves, and that is against Freddie’s. But to our ears, Axl (sometimes) is unbearable to listen. What I’m trying to say is, Range is nothing, but POISE, on the other hand, is EVERYTHING.

Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Tell me if there’s someone like him!

You may disagree with all the things I have stated in this article because it’s just an OPINION. But you can’t deny the FACT that Freddie Mercury, is a LEGEND and was (still is) the BEST vocalist of all-time.