The Song John Lennon Wrote That Was Inspired By ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’

UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 28: Photo of BEATLES and John LENNON; with The Beatles, performing at Alpha Television Studios, Aston, Birmingham, (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

Music has an incredible ability to transcend time and influence even the most legendary artists. In a surprising twist, Queen’s hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” played a pivotal role in inspiring former Beatle John Lennon to rekindle his musical passion. The connection between these iconic tracks sheds light on the intricate web of creativity and influence that shapes the world of music.

The Resurgence of the ’50s Sound

Even amidst the changing tides of 1980s music, John Lennon found himself captivated by the revival of the timeless 1950s sound. After a five-year hiatus following his previous album “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” John made his triumphant return with “Double Fantasy.” In a candid 1980 interview, he expressed his admiration for contemporary music, citing acts like The Pretenders, The B-52’s, and The Clash.

However, it was the magnetic allure of Queen’s nostalgic anthem, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” that truly resonated with John’s artistic spirit. Recognizing the Elvis-inspired essence of the song, he declared, “It’s the perfect time for me to be coming back… This is my period again.” This pivotal realization fueled the creation of “Double Fantasy,” an album that seamlessly wove a retro ’50s vibe into its fabric. Evident in tracks like “Woman,” “Hard Times Are Over,” and the chart-topping “(Just Like) Starting Over,” the album bore the hallmark of this creative resurgence.

The ’50s Revival and its Influences

John’s embrace of the ’50s sound mirrored a broader trend among musicians of the 1980s. The era witnessed a revival of the carefree and infectious spirit of the 1950s, offering a refreshing escape from the intellectual intricacies of the previous decade. Songs such as Madonna’s “True Blue” and Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” embraced the doo-wop style, while movies like “Back to the Future” and “The Thing” artfully tapped into the nostalgia of that vibrant era.

The Ripple Effect of Musical Inspiration

Queen’s iconic anthem, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” transcended its own success to ignite a larger cultural movement, inspiring none other than John Lennon himself. This interconnectedness between artists and their influences underscores the dynamic evolution of music across generations. As creators draw from each other’s work, they breathe life into an ever-evolving dialogue that shapes the course of musical genres and resonates with audiences spanning eras.