The Songs You Didn’t Know Featured Johnny Cash

via @JohnnyCashVEVO | YouTube

The vocal and appearance of the lyricist and singer are as much a part of the aspect of the country as the American flag. While he has a large discography of his own, he has also been a guest artist on a lot of tunes, many of which the most devoted music lovers may be unaware of.


1. “Redemption Day” with Sheryl Crow

Cash added a fresh page to his legend at the conclusion of his life. It began with his American Recordings series, in which his great weighty voice sounded weak and nearly shattered. Cash uses the very same vocal approach in this duet with Sheryl Crow.


2. “The Wanderer” with U2

This piece was written by Bono and U2 and is performed by Cash. It’s about a preacher who embarks on a deep, spiritual quest to discover what the world can offer. Report says , Bono and Cash wrote the lyrics in Dublin, and it was motivated by Bible narratives.


3. “Redemption Song” with Joe Strummer

Cash sang the legendary Bob Marley song with The Clash’s Joe Strummer. Both guys, who have spent a lifetime in the music industry, seem frail and aged, which contributes to the charm of the song, which you can listen to below.


4. “Father and Son” with Fiona Apple

Two of the twentieth century’s finest performers collaborated on this unusual collaboration, giving their distinct singing talents for one single. The slow-tempo ballad uplifts and encourages. It’s powered by an acoustic guitar and the combined vocals of these musicians.


5. “Big River” with Bob Dylan

It’s no question that these two renowned songwriters liked and revered one another. And they demonstrate why on this tune. The track is rockabilly and features Dylan at his finest, as well as Cash’s massive anvil of a voice.