The Story Of Angus Young’s Only Band Before AC/DC

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The Young family resided in Nissen huts at Villawood Migrant Hostel after emigrating to Australia. Angus and his brother George became friends with another immigrant named Harry Vanda while they were there. This was the start of a romance that subsequently became intertwined with their successful music careers.

George Young and Harry Vanda made the decision to start the Marcus Hook Roll Band in 1972. They were joined by George’s brothers Angus and Malcolm for this undertaking. In 1973, they collaborated on a single album called “Tales of Old Grand Daddy.” Although the album was only available in Australia, a different version was made available in the United States.

The Young brothers were unaware of the specifics of the recording procedure since they were consuming large amounts of alcohol while “Tales Of Old Grand Daddy” was being recorded. In addition, because both Angus and Malcolm Young performed the rhythm and lead guitar, they are unsure who played which guitar parts.

Another interesting fact is that AC/DC used several of the songs from the album after editing them. For example, the riffs of the AC/DC songs “Quick Reaction” and “T.N.T.” are similar, while “Live Wire” has passages from “Natural Man.”

This was Malcolm and Angus’s first musical endeavor before to AC/DC, despite the fact that they didn’t take their time in the Marcus Hook Roll Band seriously. On June 2, 2014, the Marcus Hook Roll Band album “Tales of Old Grand Daddy” was released again on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

You may hear the whole of the album “Tales Of Old Grand Daddy” down below.