The Story Of John Lennon And Joan Baez Almost ‘Getting It On’

via @YouTube

John Lennon was most definitely the ultimate rock star of his era. During his period with the Beatles and then, lots of women would have wished to get private with him. However, folk artist Joan Baez shut him down when he reached on to her.

The pair were staying at the same mansion in LA, Cal. when this occurred. For the reason that there were so many available beds in the mansion, Baez had to share John’s! The pair could have got it on, but Baez, of course, turned John down for a very distinct reason. 

The two could have done it. Baez told Rolling Stone “So I went to sleep, and he came in, in the middle of the night. And I think he felt compelled–, ‘Well, I’ve asked her and she is a star and oh, dear’ –and he started coming on to me, very unenthusiastically. I said, ‘John, you know, I’m probably as tired as you are, and I don’t want you to feel you have to perform on my behalf.’”

John was delicate with what Baez had to say. Baez told Uncut John was straight away “relieved” when she refused him down. It was absolutely convenient that John and Baez were on the same understanding! 

John, in all his glory of sarcasm, responded as such, “‘Oh, luvly! I mean, what a relief! Because you see, well, you might say I’ve already been fooked downstairs.’ So we had a good laugh and went to sleep.”