The Story Of Ozzy’s Filming Stint Back In The 80s

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Ozzy Osbourne has led a life unmatched by anyone else. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones can’t keep up with him when it comes to living the wildest lifestyle thanks to his rock and roll ways and partying ways. The career of Black Sabbath’s frontman reads like a novel. Osbourne has demonstrated what it means to be a rock star by engaging in extreme behavior, like chewing the head off a live bat, peeing on the Alamo, and consuming large amounts of cocaine and other drugs. As a result, his notoriety predates his music by a long shot.

One of Osbourne’s amazing life’s highlights was his role as a reality TV star in the enduring series The Osbournes, which revealed a more open and affectionate side of “The Prince of Darkness.” The fact that he co-starred in the cult television series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour with his kids Jack and Kelly only served to confirm the notion that Ozzy is one of the most complex characters in rock music.

Osbourne is so unexpected that in 1986, he finally entered the movie business with a minor part in the classic horror movie Trick or Treat. The musician’s casting as a TV preacher was a stroke of genius that allowed him to scathingly ridicule the aspect of American culture that had long demonized him.

The story revolves on the adolescent metalhead Eddie who becomes plagued by the wicked ghost of his dead idol and rock singer Sammi Curr after listening to one of his records. Interestingly, the real-life band Fastway, which included former Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, wrote and played the songs Curr sings in the movie. In one of the oddest appearances of the decade, KISS legend Gene Simmons also makes an appearance as a DJ sporting a cowboy hat.

Moreover, Ozzy’s minor role is the movie’s pivotal moment. He dons a tie and waistcoat while portraying the fictitious “evangelist and moral crusader” Reverend Aaron Gilstrom, giving him one of the sexiest outfits we’ve ever seen. The Reverend makes an appearance as a guest on a talk program where the topic of “rock pornography” is discussed.

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