The Time Dolly Parton Lost A Dolly Parton Look-A-Like Contest

Youtube / Golden Oldies Volume 2

Since the singer always dresses to the nines and has such a unique style, it’s nearly simpler to blend in with the others who want to be Dolly Partons at a look-alike competition. Jimmy Fallon heard about Parton’s participation in a Dolly Parton impersonator competition, where she didn’t place but had a blast.

“Yeah. I thought it’d be fun,” the Queen of Country remarked that she went to the competition in order to enjoy a nice laugh with her peers. “They give you free drinks. You don’t really win anything. So, some friends of ours thought it’d be funny, so I just over-exaggerated; I put a bigger beauty mark, bigger hair, bigger, you know, everything. And I walked across the stage and got a little trickle of applause.”

Better if it’s over the top, but as Parton noted, it seems the judges didn’t think so.

“So I lost the contest, but we had a big time because of it. They didn’t even consider me. It was Halloween, you know; everybody was out.”

It’s even funnier that nobody noticed she was the genuine Dolly Parton since everyone else was. Thus, the vocalist’s authenticity went unnoticed. Even though Parton was unable to place first in the look-alike competition as herself, she and her friends were nevertheless amused by the outcome and had a good laugh to share.