The Time Keith Richards Forgets How To Play “Happy”

via EdBmusic / Youtube

In the realm of live music, even the most legendary performers are not immune to occasional mishaps. One such moment occurred during a Rolling Stones performance in 2016 when Keith Richards momentarily forgot how to start playing their classic hit, “Happy.”

Despite the momentary lapse, the band managed to find their way and delivered a memorable rendition of the song, reminding fans of Richards’ enduring talent and the unique charm of live music.

A Forgetful Moment, Yet a Fantastic Show

During a Rolling Stones concert, following Keith Richards’ birthday wishes to Patti Hansen, the band intended to perform “Happy.” However, Richards found himself momentarily unable to recall how to start the song. As seasoned musicians with a vast repertoire spanning six decades, such moments of forgetfulness can happen, even to the best in the industry. Nevertheless, the band quickly regrouped, determined to give the audience a remarkable performance.

A Song with a Unique Place in the Rolling Stones Catalog

“Happy” stands out within the Rolling Stones’ extensive catalog as one of the few songs featuring Keith Richards as the lead vocalist. Among his other ventures into lead vocals are “You Got The Silver” and “Little T and A.” With its infectious energy and catchy lyrics, “Happy” became a notable charting hit for the band, further showcasing Richards’ versatility as a musician and performer.

Keith Richards’ Insight into “Happy”

In his autobiography, “Life,” Keith Richards provides a glimpse into the inspiration behind “Happy.” He describes the process of writing the song, highlighting the spontaneity and rawness that guided his creativity. Richards shares that the lyrics emerged effortlessly, painting a picture of a broke yet eager individual seeking love and happiness without financial constraints. The song’s lyrics capture the essence of being down on luck but finding solace in the prospect of authentic and free love.

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