The Top 10 Beatles Songs Voted By Fans

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The Beatles broke out outside Liverpool. John, Paul, George and Ringo created the soundtrack for the idealism of the sixties, using romance and popular storytelling for a society increasingly open to psychedelic sounds, of a progressive era, with powerful and potent rock. .

These songs will play for a lifetime and generations to come will make them their own. These are, The Top 10 Beatles Songs Voted By Fans via Ranker.

#10: Help!

The oversaturation definitely tempered the honesty Lennon showed in this song. Written in 1965, at the same time that Beatlemania was getting ridiculous, John literally asks for help handling the weight of fame against an acoustic guitar beat. And yet those insecurities can’t resist fitting snugly into a catchy song.


#9: Strawberry Fields Forever

Lennon once said that growing up “was scary because there was no one to relate to.” Strawberry Field (a children’s home in Liverpool near where Lennon grew up) represented those haunting visions from his childhood. With this song, Lennon conquered them forever.


#8: Something

Before it became the second most covered song after Yesterday, Lennon called this unexpected Harrison song the “best track on Abby Road,” and McCartney called it “the best song Harrison wrote.”


#7: Eleanor Rigby

Producer George Martin’s classic experience is revealed in this beautiful but tragic tale of loneliness. It was the first Beatles song to not include guitars, instead using four violin channels to hide McCartney’s smooth and vivid narration. The common theme of “a boy wants a girl” exposes the potential loneliness of old age.


#6: In My Life

In My Life, one of Lennon’s most personal lyrics to date, is one of many Lennon and McCartney songs where they couldn’t agree on who wrote what. John Lennon commonly refers to this piece as his first subjective song and as the first to emerge from his childhood memories. Little by little he revealed less, but this resulted in his longing, soft double voice, and the incredibly close harmonies of Paul and George. The moment the piano covers the piece with its swift trills feels like bathing you in nostalgia.


#5: Let It Be

McCartney channels the soul of his mother Mary McCartney in Let It Be, recorded during the worst Beatles moment. A month after its release in 1970, McCartney announced that the band had disbanded.


#4: Here Comes the Sun

George Harrison was the author of this song, which was released on the Abbey Road album in 1969. It is one of the most famous songs  written by Harrison for the group.


#3: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The alchemy of the Lennon-McCartney creative partnership was ultimately affected by the collision of two enormous egos. As they squabbled, the quietly trustworthy George Harrison opened a book, found the words “gently weeps” at random, and formed this high-class piece of melancholy. If there’s any cause for crying, it’s that this song was released as a B-side of “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da,” which Lennon described as “Paul’s granny shit.”


#2: A Day in the Life

The best Lennon-McCartney collaboration, A Day in the Life, wasn’t recognized as the band’s masterpiece until the 1980s, after Lennon’s death. Nobody weaves the great and the mundane like The Beatles. Lyrically, “A Day in the Life” is pure poetic banality: John worries about the holes in the road, while Paul is startled by his alarm clock and smokes a churro on the bus. But musically it’s an apocalypse: From the concrete opening piano chords to the orchestral climax, this song feels like the end of everything.

#1: Yesterday

It is probably the most popular song by the Liverpool band, it has been covered countless times and is still one of the most liked songs. In this version we have to detune the guitar a low tone if we want it to sound the same as the original version. However, it can also be played without changing the pitch.