The Unlikely Time Bob Dylan Had A Collab With Gene Simmons

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If Bob Dylan wants to, he can collaborate with any musician. However, because of his intimidating demeanor, few people would even approach him in the hopes of a potential collaboration because they knew the odds of Dylan agreeing were slim to none.

Even though Kiss’ Gene Simmons didn’t think he had a good chance of receiving a response, he still put his arm out there. The worst-case scenario is denial or oblivion, but given the remote possibility that his hero would accept the offer, the danger was justified. Simmons was surprised to find Dylan eager to collaborate with him.

Dylan is most likely one of three artists with whom any artist would like to work with. Simmons went a step further than most, contacting Dylan’s management to make an offer that he expected them to turn down. Dylan was between projects in 1991, which allowed him to be open to offers he would typically turn down, which was fortunate for Kiss singer. Their composition, “Waiting For The Morning Light,” was eventually found in 2004 and appeared on Simmons’ second solo album, A**hole.

Listen to the song below: