The Who Will Launch A Six- Week Concert Series

via @The Who | YouTube

Through their website, The Who announced that they will start broadcasting historical performance every Saturday through YouTube. The legendary British band announced that the first video they will release this Join Together @ Home festival will be the performance at the Shea festival in 1982.

That presentation of The Who had Kenney Jones as the drummer and The Clash as the opening band. This show, at Shea Stadium, was from The Who’s first “Farewell Tour”. The rest of The Who were the classics Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and the late John Entwistle.

During the next six weeks, there will be another broadcast of rarely-seen videos and special recordings.

“As part of the #StayHome campaign carried out by YouTube, The Who will launch a six-week celebration of their live performances. This weekly series titled Join Together @ Home will begin through the band’s official channel on YouTube, this Saturday at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK. Each of the presentations will be available in digital format for the first time ”.

The performances are free to view, but the band supports people giving to charitable foundations The Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America, through the links provided on the Youtube page.