The Wildest Feuds In Johnny Rotten’s Career

via Quantice Productions / Youtube

John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, is a prominent figure in the world of rock music who captivates audiences with his commanding presence. Renowned for his bold demeanor and intense musical style, he has garnered fame through his music and confrontations with fellow artists.

Throughout his career, Lydon’s outspoken nature has fueled numerous highly publicized conflicts. These disputes encompass a diverse array of musicians, including his former bandmates in the Sex Pistols, fellow punk rock contemporaries, and artists from various rock sub-genres. Without further ado, let us delve into four notable confrontations that have defined his journey.

The Sex Pistols

Johnny Rotten’s interactions with his ex-bandmates from the Sex Pistols have been characterized by numerous disagreements. The recent miniseries “Pistol,” inspired by Steve Jones’s memoir, has become a point of contention.

Rotten alleges that he was deliberately left out of the project and has been stripped of any authority over decisions made under the Sex Pistols name due to a legal dispute over control of the band’s music. He expresses profound dissatisfaction with the band’s collaboration with Disney and accuses his fellow band members of concealing the project from him during a challenging period in his personal life.


Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist of Green Day, made a remark regarding the Sex Pistols’ reunion for the ‘Filthy Lucre’ tour, which did not receive a positive response from Johnny Rotten. Rotten fiercely retaliated, accusing Green Day of mimicking the Sex Pistols’ style and lacking genuine talent.

The exchange of comments persisted as Armstrong asserted that without Green Day, a Sex Pistols reunion would not have occurred. Despite this, Rotten maintained his criticism, labeling Green Day as mere ‘coat hangers’ and ‘imitators.’


The Ramones: Marky Ramone

During a panel session in Los Angeles organized to celebrate Epix’s documentary series ‘Punk,’ an unexpected confrontation occurred. Johnny Rotten, also known as Lydon, nearly engaged in a physical altercation with Marky Ramone from The Ramones. Lydon dismissed Ramone’s remarks about The Ramones’ legacy, asserting, “You’re not even an original Ramone!”

In response, Ramone fired back by accusing Lydon and the Sex Pistols of imitating the image of Richard Hell, with whom Ramone had collaborated on the ‘Blank Generation’ album. This intense exchange further contributed to the already contentious history of punk rock.



Despite being influenced by the Sex Pistols, U2 has faced criticism from Rotten. He strongly expressed his belief that U2 should never have come into existence, citing a lack of life experience reflected in their songs. This critique stands out when compared to Rotten’s involvement in other musical projects.

In the realm of rock music, disagreements, and conflicts are prevalent, and Johnny Rotten has certainly experienced his fair share. These four disputes illustrate the diverse range of conflicts that can arise within the industry and highlight Rotten’s outspoken nature. While the future of these relationships remains uncertain, one thing is evident: Rotten is not one to shy away from a confrontation.