The Women That Were Blamed For Legendary Band Breakups

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Once upon a time, there was a rumor that spread like wildfire in the music industry. It was claimed that four women had single-handedly brought down some of the biggest and most successful bands in the world. As the story went on, these women were the cause of breakups, feuds, and ultimately, the downfall of the bands.

However, as with most rumors, the truth was much different. The real story behind these women was far from the tales of destruction that were being told.

Yoko Ono v The Beatles

For many years, Yoko Ono was wrongly accused of causing the downfall of the Beatles. This notion was fueled by a largely sexist and erroneous belief that she got into John Lennon’s head and pushed him away from his fellow bandmates. However, recent years have shed a different light on the situation, thanks in part to the 2021 docu-series “The Beatles: Get Back” co-produced by Ono and directed by Peter Jackson. The series made it clear that Ono was not responsible for the breakup of the Beatles. Instead, the band’s dynamic simply ran its course after they started playing together as teenagers.

Despite the allegations against her, Ono continued to create music and art alongside Lennon after he left the Beatles. Born in Tokyo City, Ono struggled to win over the Western press after the Beatles breakup, and was often depicted as a controlling influence over Lennon. However, with the truth now widely accepted that she was not the reason for the band’s split, Ono is finally getting the recognition she deserves as an experimental artist. The real cause of the breakup lies with the constant bickering between John, Paul, George, and Ringo.



Courtney Love v Nirvana

The rumors surrounding Courtney Love, the wife of Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, have persisted for many years. There have been false allegations that she was responsible for Cobain’s mental state and his death, with some even going as far as claiming that she pulled the trigger. However, these rumors are unfounded. According to Craig Montgomery, a former touring soundman for Nirvana, Love may have actually had a positive impact on Cobain’s songwriting, helping him become the legendary artist that he is remembered as today.

In a recent podcast interview with Marc Maron, Love spoke about her relationship with Cobain and expressed that she has moved past the false rumors and forgiven the world for their unfair treatment of her. Love is also a talented musician and frontwoman of the critically acclaimed rock band Hole, but some still claim that Cobain wrote the best songs for the band. Margaret Cho, a comedian, wrote a piece called “Courtney Deserves Better from Feminists,” which argued that Love deserves better treatment from the world, including those who claim to support women. Despite the persistent rumors and false accusations, Love remains an influential figure in the music world and will always be remembered for her connection to the legendary band Nirvana.



Stevie Nicks v Fleetwood Mac

The conflicts between Fleetwood Mac members, particularly Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, have gained notoriety.

Before the disputes, Nicks and Buckingham were long-time musical partners who even released an album together in 1973. They also had a romantic relationship after meeting during Nicks’ senior year in high school.

In 1974, Mick Fleetwood invited Buckingham to join the band, but he declined unless Nicks came along too. The band became one of the biggest in the world by the mid-70s, but Buckingham and Nicks’ personal relationship declined.

Nicks ended the relationship, started her solo career in 1981, and worsened tensions in the band. Buckingham left the band in 1987 and created a solo album that referenced his relationship with Nicks and departure from the band.

There are reports of Buckingham being physically violent towards Nicks during performances, including hitting her and throwing a guitar. Nicks later reflected on a fight they had during the recording of their successful album, Rumors.

In 2018, Buckingham responded to Nicks calling her a “schizophrenic bitch” by saying that Nicks may be upset that he found his soulmate and got married, something Nicks never did.

Today, the two continue to have a strained relationship and still argue in the media about who was fired from the band.


Heather Mills v Paul McCartney and Wings

Heather Mills has experienced a lot of highs and lows in her life. On one hand, she has been given negative labels like “Mucca” and “the most hated woman in Britain.” On the other hand, she has achieved a diverse career that includes successful charity work, appearances on reality TV, and being a medal-winning skier for the British Paralympic ski team. Mills lost her lower leg in a 1993 accident.

Heather Mills is not directly responsible for the breakup of the band Wings. The statement that she was blamed for ending Paul McCartney’s marriage to Linda McCartney and ultimately causing the breakup of Wings is based on false or misleading information. In reality, Linda McCartney was already suffering from illness and the couple’s marriage was facing problems prior to Mills coming into the picture.