There’s Only One Song That Makes Geddy Lee Cry

via SiriusXM / Youtube

Geddy Lee, the talented voice behind Rush, is known for his diverse musical tastes. From classic icons to lesser-known gems, his record collection holds a wide range of musical treasures. Among the bands that have deeply impacted Lee’s musical journey, English prog-rock pioneers Yes stand out. Yes not only influenced Rush but left a lasting impression on Lee himself, especially their original frontman, Jon Anderson.

An Unforgettable Encounter

Yes’s influence on Geddy Lee goes way back. He vividly recalls the excitement of waiting in line all night with friends to get tickets for their concert. As he shared with Rolling Stone, the experience of seeing Yes perform in the second row left an indelible mark. Lee reminisces, “They still are the only band I’ve lined up all night to see!” What captivated him most was Jon Anderson’s versatile voice, which inspired Lee to pursue his own musical aspirations.

The Song That Moves Him

Among Yes’s repertoire, there’s a song that deeply touches Geddy Lee’s heart – ‘And You and I’. This mesmerizing track from the 1972 album “Close to the Edge” resonates with him on a profound level. Lee admitted to Classic Rock that this song brings tears to his eyes. When asked about it, he explained, “‘And You and I’ by Yes is so beautiful, especially when I listen to it now. The combination of nostalgia and pure sonic beauty is pretty moving.”