These Rare Pictures Of Freddie Mercury And Jim Hutton Speak Pure Love


For most of his life, Freddie Mercury mostly kept his sexuality and relationships a secret, an albeit an open one. Although he was engaged to Mary Austin, whom he calls the love of his life, he had multiple sexual partners who were men. However, none of them he loved as much as he did his last boyfriend Jim Hutton.

Freddie and Jim met in the mid-1980s though it was a rocky beginning for both of them. Before meeting Mercury, Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown in County Carlow before moving to London where the two met. It was Freddie who approached Jim on two occasions and both were unsuccessful, but Freddie was persistent until Jim was completely won over.

Jim was with Freddie for a total of seven years until the iconic singer’s untimely in 1991 due to AIDS. Jim and Freddie lived together at the Garden Lodge and shared an extremely private life. He released a memoir in 1994 entitled ‘Mercury and Me’.  The memoir describes details of his relationship with the Queen singer as well as some rare candid photos of them together.

Hutton nursed the Mercury when he was battling AIDS. He was also present even upon the moment of Freddie’s death. Take a look at the proof of their love for each other in the wonderful pictures below:

  1. Braving the cold together
  2. Jim was always backstage during Queen concerts
  3. This is Freddie and Jim just chilling outside their London mansion
  4. They made each other laugh
  5. Having a good time in their home
  6. Jim was present at Freddie’s infamous extravagant 39th birthday party
  7. Moving in together
  8. The two loves of Freddie Mercury’s life: Mary Austin and Jim Hutton 
  9. Spending Christmas together at home
  10. Notice how they share everything, even shirts!
  11. During their intimate Japan trip
  12. Freddie always had outrageous fashion choices and it looks like he influenced Jim with it 
  13. Despite not being legally married, both Hutton and Mercury wore wedding rings
  14. You can feel the warmth of their closeness here
  15. They both share a love of cats – they had a total of 10 cats that lived with them  
  16. #LoveWins