They’re Calling This The Ultimate Queen Medley – And For A Very Good Reason Too

via Martin Miller | Youtube

Legendary Or Ultimate?! – EITHER F———-WAY!

This medley will be something we’ll hold so close to our hearts. It will definitely get our heart drowned in DIVINITY!

It starts quite slow, and the first two songs were definitely one of our favorites. The pitch and the scale are incredibly good and the vocalist has sung everything well and did an outstanding job. The voice was clear and he knew exactly what he was doing, he knows that he’s singing the song of the one and only Freddie Mercury, that’s why he’s carefully making no mistakes – the way he moves his mouth and tongue resembles Freddie’s singing technique.  The expressions were definitely smooth, you can even see the bass player smiling like there’s no tomorrow –  trying to look like Deacy, and it’s something to die for. The drummer did something that we call “A SLAP IN THE FACE,” and he did it with ease.

The sound, heaviness, feelings, and the settings gave a real touch for the medley! Everything they did with these songs will give you goosebumps. They are definitely the champions of MEDLEYS!

Medley’s setlist:

0:00 I Want It All

4:03 Innuendo

7:01 We Are The Champions

10:12 Don‘t Stop Me Now

13:18 Another One Bites The Dust

15:46 Bohemian Rhapsody

18:54 Killer Queen

19:30 The Show Must Go On

Freddie surely is happy to hear this from heaven.  And if he was alive today, he would definitely perform with these guys.

Don’t believe? See for yourself and keep going for the video below: