They’re Calling This Video The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley – See Why!

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Have you ever wished for a full Pink Floyd medley covering all of your favorite hits? Well, someone has done it and has done it quite well! Meet Martin Miller, a guitarist/producer/composer from Leipzig, Germany, and his exceptional band. They took four Pink Floyd classics and jammed out with all their heart and made what they are calling the “Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley”. Martin Miller, together with drummer Felix Lehrmann, bassist Benni Jud, keyboardist Marius Leicht, and Saxophonist Michal Skulski, played and recorded four ultimate Pink Floyd classic hits Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Wish You Were Here), Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon), Comfortably Numb (The Wall), Eclipse (Dark Side of the Moon), all in one take!

Martin Miller has a small disclaimer in the comments section of this posted video, saying,


Thank you so much everyone for the absolutely overwhelming response from myself and the band! To clarify one thing: We are NOT a Pink Floyd tribute band. We don’t try or want to sound like the original recordings. With this session it was our aim to put our own artistic vision into the music, that we love so passionately. I’ve been a HUGE Gilmour fan since my earliest childhood but I’m also an artist and not a cover musician. To me there is no meaning in replicating something that has already been done to perfection. I hope you listen to our interpretation with open ears and an open mind. Love and long live Floyd, Martin.

Martin Miller is also releasing a solo record in 2019. His Youtube channel is mostly filled with impressive covers but ut seems like he is also writing his own music. He teases his fans of an early 2019 release for his new project as he announced on his personal website.