This 1969 First TV Appearance Of Led Zeppelin Was Mesmerizing As Hell

via 70's Classic Rock/Facebook

Can’t Look Away

No matter how big they become, we always remember our favorite band’s first gig or their first live TV appearance. And for Led Zeppelin, they might have went on to become one of the greatest rock acts of all time but when they were at the beginning of their career, they still had so much to prove.

This dates back to 1969 before they achieved global fame. But anyone with a good ear for music can easily tell it won’t be long before they will make their mark in rock.

“Because of the different areas of music that we touched on, and the different pathways that we were prepared to tread down sometimes really mosey down, steamroller down that gave such a wide variety of styles. And you know, pretty much it was all done really very well. There was a lot of soul and depth in it.” – Jimmy Page

This whole performance captured the magic of Led Zeppelin. As individual musicians, they were extremely talented. But as a group, they were practically unstoppable.