This Guy Completely Nailed Axl Rose

via Juan The Beast/YouTube

This Is Sweet!

We’ve seen so many Guns ‘n Roses cover that we often find them monotonous. It’s almost always the same and it’s pretty rare to come across something that warrants your attention. So when we stumbled upon this jewel, you should have seen the look of awe on our faces. Is it just another boring version that doesn’t offer anything else? Nope, far from that.

He didn’t add his own twist or flavor to the song but it doesn’t take a genius to notice that he sounds so much like Axl Rose. If we were only listening to this and not watching the video, we would never think it’s not the GnR frontman himself singing this classic! His YouTube name, Juan The Beast, is just appropriate because man, those vocals are no joke. Axl Rose is widely known for his extensive vocal range and of course it follows that he’s not that easy to imitate.

via Juan The Beast/YouTube

“I was at my house and I had that riff happening and Axl came over and he got those lyrics together, and then the band sort of arranged it. We got an arrangement for the whole band, ’cause that’s how we work. Someone comes in with an idea and someone else has input and in that way everyone’s happy. That came together really quickly too, that was arranged in one day.” – Slash

At one point, we were trying to convince ourselves that this is a cover version because halfway through the song, we actually thought we were listening to the original. Yes, he’s THAT good. He could definitely front a Guns ‘n Roses tribute band. Then again, with that voice, he can start his own group and blow everyone away with his vocals.

He’s got some serious set of pipes!