This Innocent Airplane Photo Of Steven Tyler Has People Mad For All The Wrong Reasons

Steven Tyler / Facebook

Tyler Gets Comfy

We heard it growing up. We tell this to our children almost daily. We hope like hell that strangers and visitors to our homes remember this without us having to make things awkward:


You’re laughing, but it gives the best of us flashbacks to having our feet swatted off of couches and coffee tables and doing the same thing to our children and their friends throughout the years. The only time this doesn’t apply, however, is when the furniture in question actually belongs to you – and in the case of rock legend Steven Tyler, it definitely doesn’t apply when you’re on a private jet as evidenced by this awesomely cozy photo of the 69-year-old kicked back and enjoying a cup of coffee from the privacy of his plane, one booted foot propped casually on the seat.

People are jokingly revisiting the same spiel their parents gave them, telling Tyler to take his foot off of the seat:


@hoarselaughter / Instagram
@mrspreka / Instagram

At the end of the day, it’s not that serious! Have some fun and let’s focus on the bigger deal at hand here: the fact that we now have hope that we, too, will one day find ourselves next to Steven Tyler on an airplane!