This KISS Reggae Band Is Better Than KISS Itself

via David Fremberg/YouTube

A Jamaican Tribute

The idea alone sounds ridiculous – a reggae version of KISS songs? It’s like the mother of all bad ideas. But if you give it a chance, it actually works well. We’ll even go so far as say this is pretty brilliant. We love the arrangement and how addicting this is.

Plus, it also proves that a good song is a good song, it doesn’t matter what style or genre.

“Kiss songs are very direct and based on strong melodies. We love Kiss, so it became a natural choice. Everything is done with the greatest love and respect for the original…

Certain songs clearly work better than others. It has to do with the structure of the song and the chord sequence, which must work well as credible reggae. Surprisingly, many Kiss songs do. We have a lot of fun in the studio and I think it is reflected in the music.” – Reggae KISS’ Christopher Hansson

The video is entertaining too. Just imagine the guys from KISS, complete makeup and leather outfits, chilling under the Jamaican sun. And in case you’re wondering if KISS already noticed them, Hansson said that both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have shared their videos in their official social media accounts.

Well is that the coolest thing or what?