This Video Of Paul McCartney’s Bass Guitar Techniques Is Eye Opening

via Reverb/Youtube

The impact that the Beatles had on modern music is so big that it is still felt to this day and surely for decades more t come. There are still countless musicians worldwide that are influenced by their musical style in playing. Sir Paul McCartney is one of the most influential bass players in the history of rock n’ roll. Macca is undeniably talented when it comes to his instrument. Many have enjoyed his style and are fond of the artist himself. Many aspire to play the bass the way he does. Luckily, Reverb took care of that and explains in detail Paul McCartney’s bass guitar techniques through breaking down the basslines from his popular songs. And you’ll truly get a renewed appreciation for Sir Paul’s ability to sing while playing when you realize how tricky it is to play the basslines by themselves let alone sing along to it.

Check it out below: