Tony Iommi Becomes Patron of Wildlife Hospital

via @fabian_sabbath | Instagram

Tony Iommi, a legendary member of Black Sabbath, has committed to assist at the Vale Wildlife Hospital in the Gloucestershire village of Beckford.

The lead guitarist and founding member of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, reportedly began working for Vale Wildlife Hospital, according to The Worcester News. It follows the 74-year-old heavy metal icon’s rescue of a wounded collared dove.

Natalie Gould, the hospital’s administrative manager, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Tony Iommi join us as Vale Wildlife Hospital’s newest patron. Tony and his wife, Maria, brought an injured collared dove to us earlier in the year. Everyone was pretty starstruck, and it was so lovely knowing they would both care enough and take the time to bring an injured patient to us.”

After witnessing their costs climb, Natalie stated, they made the decision to contact the musician. She continued:

“As with most people, the cost of living has had a real impact on the charity with the price of everything rising considerably. Our electricity bill has risen from £1,200 per month to £5,500 per month alone. Caroline Gould, charity founder, decided to write a letter to Tony and Maria to see if they’d be interested in coming to look around the hospital and see what we do. To say we were excited when they agreed is an understatement.”

Nigel Marven from Wildlife TV and TV vet Emma Goodman-Milne are among the hospital’s other patients. Coincidentally, the Vale Wildlife Hospital saw 82 bat admissions in 2021.