Top 10 Classic Rock Bands That Should Be On Your Top 10 Classic Rock Bands Ever List

The Greatest Ever!!!

These top classic rock bands of all time were all hit-makers and rightfully earned their spot to be one of the greatest. I am pretty certain that any of these bands (or maybe all of them) are included and made it onto your list of classic rock favorites.

Well, of course, some of the musicians in these bands left their group to pursue a solo career in the world of classic rock. You can check them out here on the separate list of the top classic rock solo artists that should be on your top classic rock solo artists ever list.


10. Fleetwood Mac

Essential Album: Rumours

Whether it’s a Peter Green era or Buckingham/Nicks era, you just can’t deny the fact that Fleetwood Mac music is one the best.


9. Aerosmith

Essential Album: Toys In The Attic

For decades, Aerosmith has consistently been rocking our world out!


8.The Moody Blues

Essential Album: Days Of Future Passed

They really should be up here with the finest of the finest.Days of future passed is music’s finest year.


7. Buffalo Springfield

Essential Album:  Retrospective

Yeah, they only existed for less than two years, but that was more than enough to produce one of the greatest music.


6. The Doors

Essential Album: The Doors

One of the most classic rock influential band! Despite having a short existence.


5. Jefferson Airplane

Essential Album: After Bathing At Baxter’s

The Pioneers! Without them, we would never have tasted psychedelic rock!

4. The Who

Essential Album: Who’s Next

They change the history of rock n’ roll forever, smashing guitars, and killing it with good music!


3. Led Zeppelin

Essential Album: Led Zeppelin IV

What is so great about Led Zeppelin you ask??? That’s a dumb question. They manipulate the mystique and the power of music like they owned it! Greatest of all effin’ time!

2. Pink Floyd

Essential Album: Wish You Were Here

Everything about their music is remarkable. One of the best bands ever, and here’s why – REAL MUSIC!

1. The Beatles

Essential Album: Revolver

The Beatles should be on any goddamn music list! The greatest of the greatest!