Top 10 Classic Rock Debut Albums

Kickstarting Their Careers

Some artists took their sweet time gaining followers and earning their spot in the rock ‘n roll pantheon, but not the ones on this list. These rockstars hit the ground running and there was no stopping them.


10. Patti Smith – “Horses”

Bold, defiant and unapologetic – she became the punk rock queen way before that became a thing.


9. The Doors – “The Doors”

From “Light My Fire” to “The End,” we knew we weren’t going to forget Jim Morrison that easily.


8. Beastie Boys – “Licensed To Ill”

This is far from being perfect but all things considered, it aged pretty well.


7. Guns ‘n Roses – “Appetite for Destruction”

This was so explosive, you probably didn’t know what hit you.


6. Van Halen – “Van Halen”

Everything here is an absolute earworm.


5. The Beatles – “Please Please Me”

And the world was never the same.


4. Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”

This gave birth to heavy metal, period.


3. The Who – “My Generation”

What’s more rebellious than Keith Moon’s antics? This record.


2. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin”

Subtle and sublime – they attained their god-like status from the get-go.


1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Are You Experienced”

At the time, we only knew one thing – Jimi Hendrix was way ahead of his time.