Top 10 Classic Rock Songs For Rainy Days

The Perfect Playlist

Rainy days are great when you’re at home. You can just sit by the window, look out at the street and people, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and of course, play songs that go well with the whole relaxed vibe. You usually don’t need anything too heavy and loud because hey, you still want to hear the sound of raindrops to make everything extra dramatic.

So here are 10 classic rock songs which are perfect for those lazy, cold days when leaving the bed is not really an option.

10. Bob Dylan – “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”

One of our favorite Bob Dylan tunes, this makes us feel nostalgic.

9. Buddy Holly – “Raining in My Heart”

Close your eyes and this will transport you to another place.

8. Eric Clapton – “Let It Rain”

We’re living for that epic, epic bass line.

7. Blind Melon – “No Rain”

If only they still make music as memorable as this today.

6. Scorpions – “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

Just in case you prefer something with a little more oomph!

5. Guns ‘n Roses – “November Rain”

Nothing like some good ‘ole GnR classic to make rainy days more beautiful.

4. The Doors – “Riders On The Storm”

If you want to put this on repeat, we totally get it.

3. The Beatles – “Rain”

This is still unbelievably hypnotic even after all these years.

2. Led Zeppelin – “Fool In The Rain”

Led Zeppelin can go from wild and intense to THIS real quick.

1. Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”

Well of course, no ‘rainy days’ playlist is ever complete without this masterpiece.