Top 10 Country Albums For People Who Don’t Like Country Rock

You Don’t Like Country? Have A Listen To These Amazing Albums That Will Change Your Mind!

Some people think Country Music is not worth their time. Yeah, you might say that we’re not all truck-driving’ lovers or cowboy hat wearer, but country music hit the music scene pretty hard that it has influenced some genres like pop, rock, and you might say hip hop and many more. Country Music may not appeal to many of us, but these records may be essential if you’re just starting to listen to Country.


10. “Blue Sky Night Thunder” – Michael Martin Murphy

Just one of Michael Martin Murphey’s finest works in the 70’s, he wrote most of the songs on this recording. An album that is surely old but gold!


9. “Dreamin’ My Dreams” – Waylon Jennings

Jennings’s first number one album that put him at the top. No words can describe how amazing this record is. A masterpiece from the finest artist.


8. “Old No. 1” – Guy Clark

I guess some of you might have never heard of Guy Clark. And if so, take a listen to this beautiful record, and you won’t regret it. One of the best storytellers Country Artists!


7. “The Silver Tongued Devil And I” – Kris Kristofferson

The songwriting on this record is just incredible, every song on it can give you an intense feeling. Have a listen to every song, and you’ll know what I mean.


6. “Lullabys Legends And Lies” – Bobby Bare

Though the entirety of the album was written by the legendary Shel Silverstein, Bobby made it his own that perfectly fits his artistry as a Country Music Artist.


5. “Jolene” – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s had influenced a lot of artist in the popular music scene, and one of the most defining perfect records of her was “Jolene.” Parton’s work has been mostly recorded by top recording artists of multiple genres. That should tell you something right?


4. “Fist City” – Loretta Lynn

The smile that this record will give you is priceless. And Fist City is a kickass album about ass-kicking.


3. “Cold Hard Truth” – George Jones

Well, here it is if you really want to get yourself into country music, have a listen to this record. You’ll get a goosebump that you never had before.


2. “Red Headed Stranger” – Willie Nelson

The album that introduced Willie Nelson to the entire world. A record that will get you addicted to Country music.


1. “Live At Folsom Prison” – Johnny Cash

So are you into Beatles, The Who, Or The Stones?Well, here’s the good news for you “Live At Folsom Prison” will make you rock hard just as well as the other Rock music.