Top 10 Gene Chandler Songs

via @mosogotam | Youtube

Grammy Hall of Famer

Gene Chandler dubbed as the “The Duke of Earl” is a musician who does it all — he’s a singer, songwriter, music producer, and record label executive.

Below are the most successful songs he’s best known for:

1. Duke of Earl

The best song for every season, we just hope that there are still kids who listen to this kind of music.

2. Walk On with the Duke

The sequel, Gene is asking us to walk with him with a great listening experience.

3. Tear for Tear

A soulful song and a brilliant one.

4. You Threw a Lucky Punch

One of the top class record during Gene’s era, he really know his music.

5. Rainbow

This is how you court a woman and call her your baby rainbow.

6. Check Yourself

It takes you back to the time where you want to do a romantic dance.

7. Man’s Temptation

The old school jam!

8. Think Nothing About It

A spine-tingling record that brings back a lot of good memories.

9. Soul Hootenanny (Pt. I)

Gene’s shouting his soul out!

10. Just Be True

The time when music is still called music. Thanks Gene!