Top 10 Guitar Shreds Of All Time

Melts Your Face Off

Furious, blistering, unapologetic, and packs a lot of punch – shredding is not for everyone. Here we’re listing only the best of the best – unforgettable riffs and a display of insanely mind-blowing axewielding skills. What more can you ask for?

10. Zakk Wylde – “Speedball”

Zakk Wylde serving some real fiery goodness.


9. Buckethead – “Jordan”

This will either inspire you to practice more or make you want to throw your guitar away.


8. Paul Gilbert – “Technical Difficulties”

That guitar lasted for approximately one song.

7. Steve Morse – “Stressfest”

Blazin! Steve Morse could set the stage on fire with this number.


6. Joe Satriani – “Surfing With The Alien”

His guitar faces say it all.


5. Dream Theater – “In The Name Of God”

The people who dislike this cannot recognize greatness when it’s right in front of them.


4. Steve Vai – “For the Love of God”

This is proof that Steve Vai is from another dimension.

3. Megadeth – “Tornado of Souls”

We can’t say “epic” enough.

2. Van Halen – “Eruption”

If you didn’t find your jaw on the floor, you’re listening to it wrong.


1. Yngwie Malmsteen – “Rising Force”

We can all go home now. Yngwie Malmsteen just won.