Top 10 Most Obscure Led Zeppelin Songs

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Give Them A Listen

These songs will surely lead you to love Led Zeppelin even more. They’re in the right place where only hardcore fans would only know, they are obscure but the best, and if you listen to what they are all about, then you may find yourself praying to the Rock Legends.


10. Tangerine

A song that’s still obscure on the obscure list.


9. Out on the Tiles

This is possibly the best Led Zeppelin song.


8. No Quarter

All about it is brilliant — the riffs, vocals, dreamy effects, and completely underrated.


7. The Rain Song

IMHO, the greatest acoustic rock song of all time!


6. The Rover

You’ll find what you’re looking for, the dirty blues.


5. Bring It on Home

The song that shows how bluesy Led Zeppelin were.


4.Thank You

Beautiful lyrics and music, so Thank You for this amazing song.


3. How Many More Times

Jimmy Page riffs explain how underrated this song is.


2. Ten Years Gone

Slow progression song, which makes it very emotional, something you don’t usually find of Zep’s catalog.


1. Achilles Last Stand

I know, what’s the song doing in this list, right? Yup, it’s not that obscure and is considered by many as one of their best, but let’s be honest, none of Led Zeppelins songs are Underrated – and when have you heard anyone besides Led Zeppelin fans talk about it?