Top 5 Artist We Want To Reunite With The Old Line-Up

This Was The Best Line-Up

These are great examples of musicians who had success with an earlier lineup. All of these artists have been critically and commercially lauded for their work with their earlier bands and sometimes, we would wish that they never departed from their bands. The artists mentioned here are great examples of this.


5. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss with K.I.S.S.

Ace and Peter were killing it when they used to play with KISS. How we wished that they could reunite again. T’was the best line up. Kiss just is not the same without the Ace and Peter.


4. Marty Friedman with Megadeth

From Rust in Peace (1990) to Risk (1999), the best albums ever produced by Megadeth. They were award-winning albums and it was because of Marty Friedman.


3. David Mustaine with Metallica

Well, for one thing, without Mustaine, Metallica would still be a legend. But I find it interesting how it will play out if Dave wasn’t kicked out from the band. For a talented musician such as him, I guess, every release from Metallica would be epic! I would gladly call them “The Untouchables!”


2. Peter Gabriel and  Stephen Hackett with Genesis

The highest highlight of Genesis career was because of these two. The Early Genesis was the true Genesis. Gabriel on vocals was the soul of Genesis.


1. Steve Perry with Journey

I think if we ever see Steve Perry again sing for Journey, the world would stop. And any Journey fans here wish Steve Perry still plays for Journey.