Top 5 Classic Rock Band You Might Not Heard Before

They Would Still Probably Slayin’ It Today

We all know how easy it is to list our TOP CLASSIC ROCK BAND (because WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE EXACTLY ), but I got to tell you this, it’s never easy to list the group of top classic rock bands you’ve never heard before, but here it goes and have a glimpse because these are probably new to you. You should really take time and appreciate these “Top 5 Classic Rock Band You Might Not Heard Before.”

These are bands that TIME has forgotten, and that didn’t LAST in the industry.


5. The Teardrop Explodes

Formed in 1978, released some quite good singles and two recordings before calling it a quits and disappear. Their debut album released in 1980 called ‘Kilimanjaro,’ is a mix of post-punk and psychedelia. The band was to score some couple of hits back in their homeland, U.K.


4. The Pink Fairies

Pink Fairies are a classic rock band active in the London and playing in the underground psychedelic scene of the early 70’s. Their debut album released in 1971 titled  ‘Never Never Land,’ was loud and the attitude was hard rocking. One of their guitarist Larry Wallis would later join Lemmy Kilmister to form the original Motorhead lineup.


3. Heavy Metal Kids

The group formed in 1973 and recorded a self-titled debut album the following year. The band was a bunch of street-level musician playing some good music and were absolutely rock n’ roll. Unfortunately, one of their members named, Gary Holton died in 1985 of a drug overdose.


2. The Soft Boys

Formed by Robyn Hitchcock in 1970, considered as one of the all-time greatest singer-songwriters at the time. He formed the group with some of his friends, though a shortly-lived they were able to release their debut album in 1980 called ‘A Can of Bees,’ that resembles a wonderful earful some of Beatles musical sense.


1. The Motors

Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster formed the Motors in early 1977 and was joined in by drummer Ricky Slaughter and guitarist Bram Tchaikovsky. The group took the liberty to mix the pub-scene with some keen pop sensibilities and some hard rocking Dep Leppard style. Group’s debut album is called “1” and originally released in October 1977.