Top 5 Steven Tyler Moments

A True Rockstar!

Steven Tyler is one of those rockstars whom we’d like to meet in person or perhaps as a friend. A super nice guy, funny, giving, and generous. You can just see him everywhere, – grocery stores, restaurants, shopping or jamming with street performers. All in all, an overall Mr. Nice Guy.


5. Steven Tyler’s TMZ Crazy Feet Moment

Steven Tyler got caught with TMZ wearing sandals in New York, and they got a better look at his funky looking crazy feet.


4. Steven Tyler’s Instagram Moments

In this Steven Tyler’s funny moments, you can see how cool and a nice person he is. He may be in his lates 60’s, but this dude has a young soul.


3. Steven Tyler Singing With Street Performer in Moscow, Russia


2. Aerosmith with Southern California Children’s Chorus singing Dream On – A Tribute To The Boston Marathon Bombing

Performing Dream On in tribute to the victims in the tragic Boston Marathon bombing (Aerosmith was formed in Boston in 1970). Steven Tyler is like wine, getting better with age!


1. Steven Tyler Strips on ‘American Idol”

Perhaps one of the most awesome striptease in the history of striptease! His the real “American Idol!” For an old dude, that was a pretty good dive! “I’m comin’ mom!”