Top Moments In Rock And Roll History That Changed Rock Music Forever

Rock N’ Roll 101

Everybody loves rock n’ roll because simply, it’s great. It’s been great for decades, and it’s still doing great now. And you know what’s amazing about it? Long before we’re all dead, Rock N’ Roll will still be great for a very long time. And those who think that it’s just nothing but another genre of music, they don’t just haven’t heard enough of it and needs to be educated.

When Rock N’ Roll came into being, it didn’t just come out like just another piece of music — it spoke out to everyone way more than few other musical genres ever did. It’s one of the greatest things ever created by mankind. The guitars, the bass, and the drums all at the same time can hit you right in the gut — it’s pure honesty, passion, heart, charisma, and excitement. It’s so special that it will immediately hit your senses and deepest emotions. It has no race, creed, or social status; as long as you can rock n’ roll, you can ROCK N’ ROLL, forever!


Thanks to these guys who have given us historical moments in Rock N’ Roll and had changed Rock music forever:


The Beatles

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They took the entire planet by storm. When they first came out, we thought that they were just another boy band wannabe’s but after hearing their songs, we just suddenly wanted more of it.


Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club

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Simply because it is the greatest record ever produced in the history of mankind, enough said. The Beatles really did a great number on this record they made the music that was so much more important than guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.


That said, there were also great bands that came and followed in The Beatles footsteps and were rather more blues-influenced bands, like;


The Animals

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The Kinks

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The Rolling Stones

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The Who

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The Yardbirds

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Because of these bands, the formation of such blues-rock was born. Hence;


The Jeff Beck Group

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The Moody Blues

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Small Faces

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But these groups were just necessary pieces of the puzzle for such a band to stood out from the rest and until now it still stands out as the greatest;


The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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The common saying: the key to greatness is “Practice,” but for Jimi Hendrix case, it does not count. Every musician practices a lot, and some took them years to turn things to perfection. However, Jimi Hendrix was a game changer, — innately gifted in a way no other instrumentalist ever was, or will ever be for that matter. His talent was all natural and uses the guitar like it was a part of him since before he was born.


These changes were necessary MOMENTS for Rock music to shine even more. And because of these radical moments, the greatest rock n’ roll band was born;


Led Zeppelin

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Focusing on musical changes, every release that came out from this group changed the paced of rock music in general. The song Whole Lotta Love, in particular, was the first step for rock music taking another turn. Led Zeppelin played the music louder, faster, and most definitely harder. They electrified every aspect of rock n’ roll. Because of these guys, the blues, and rock n’ roll merged into one and essentially gave birth what we now know as HARD ROCK music.


Black Sabbath

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Not only the godfather of heavy metal but one of the first to bring the “edgier” rock n’ roll into the mainstream. The music was heavy, the riffs were melodic, and the band was very creative into driving the music heavier. Their music has inspired countless heavy metal bands.


Whole Lotta Love, Sgt. Peppers, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Beatles and each of the aforementioned bands were such rock n’ roll “Moments” that change the history of Rock music forever.


The Sex Pistols

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They just barged in and enter the scene rebelliously, destroying hotel rooms and smashing Televisions. And thousands were like “I CAN DO THAT!,” and did exactly “THAT.” Because of punk music, Disco, Country rock, and Funk were murdered off the charts, and they kept on rolling.


The New Wave of British Heavy Metal


Iron Maiden

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One of the most monumental names in the history of rock music, or for this matter, heavy metal. Their fans were so extremely dedicated and loyal to them, even to this very day. Like this band means the world to them.


The Big Four of Thrash Metal

If we were somewhat a fan of this musical genre, we would ever like any other thrash metal band than the big four. These four were simply the best, no contest, and they were the one who started the revolution



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The Seattle Grunge Movement

and the now dead genre  that hit the mainstream in the early 1990s with bands such as;



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Alice in Chains

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Pearl Jam

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Stone Temple Pilots

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But all these things said, we only have one person to thank for rock and roll.and this is my humblest opinion:


Fats Domino

The record “The Fat Man,” which is regarded by some as the very first rock and roll record ever made in the history of music.