Top Must-Visit Landmarks To Learn The History Of Rock N’ Roll

Just A Simple Rock N’ Roll Tour…

If you are into the history of Rock N’ Roll, and you need some sites for you to travel and study the history. Well, this list will provide information where you’ll need to go. Consider this as a travel guidebook in a pretty rock n’ roll way.


The Beverly Hills Hotel (Eagles’ Hotel California)

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The artwork that accompanies the Eagles’ classic and most overplayed song, Hotel California, it was the Beverly Hills Hotel in Southern California. A place where you need to go and fully understand the song meaning. About the music industry being manipulative, greedy, and twisted back in the late 1970s.


The Cavern Club, Liverpool UK (The Beatles)

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It was this club where the teenagers that became a legendary group in the history played their first tiny gigs — a club that is covered with brick walls. This club is still active today, and it has become a Beatles museum, right in the center of the Liverpool. This place will definitely give you insights into the history of the Beatles.


Chelsea Hotel (Manhattan, NYC)

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This Hotel is not an ordinary “rock n’ roll landmark.” This is where most of the legendary rock artists stayed when they happened to be in Manhattan. Musicians like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, and many more have stayed in here. And it became more famous when Nancy Spungen was stabbed to death here in 1978. This hotel is still active (and it will stay that way forever). You might wanna consider checking in and experience the absurd amount of rock history inside its walls. You might feel like a rock star yourself.


Physical Graffiti, New York City

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Do you remember the infamous cover photo of Led Zeppelin’s album, “Physical Graffiti?” Well, it’s a photograph of a New York City tenement block located at St. Mark’s Place, NYC. And if you’re a fan of the album, this is a perfect spot to take a selfie and brag about to your friends.


Abbey Road, London UK

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This place is very important in rock n’ roll history. This is where the last recorded album by one of the best band in the history of rock n’ roll took place. One important thing to remember is that Abbey Road crosswalk wouldn’t be identifiable today, or even famous for that matter if it weren’t for the Beatles. It will just be an ordinary crosswalk and road.


Bethel, White Lake, New York (Woodstock 1969′ Museum)

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At Bethel, you can relieve all the event that every 60s Woodstock goers brag about for decades. Remembering from Jimi Hedrix goes guitar god on the  ‘Star Spangled Banner’ to Janis Joplin crazy vocals and dance moves.


Budokan, Tokyo Japan

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The Beatles broke their first music barrier at this judo hall by playing music for five straight nights. Budokan since then became kind of an honor for you to be able to play here — some kind of “badge of honor” for Rock bands. Ever since Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Chic, John Hiatt, and many more rock legends have recorded their live albums here.


Experience Music Project, Seattle

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The birthplace of Grunge, Heart and of course, guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix. Seattle has one of the biggest contributions for rock n’ roll, and it’s the rival of Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Upon entering Experience Music Project you will witness a shimmering abstract building and contains 80,000 music artifacts such as Kurt Cobain’ handwritten lyrics, and Jimi Hendrix wrecked guitar in his own gallery.


The Crossroads, Clarksdale, Mississippi

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Did it ever slip in your man that without the blues, there would be no rock n’ roll? The delta crossroads, home of the blues, is where Robert Johnson was said to have sold his soul to the devil for guitar mastery in the 1920s.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

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The holiest of holy places for rock n’ roll. This the most enjoyable museum any rock fans will ever get. It also resides in IM Pei pyramid. And why Cleveland is considered the most “WONDER” for rock and roll, of all places. Well, it was Cleveland who had given the name for “Rock N’ Roll” — and it was by DJ Alan Freed in 1952.