Toto’s Steve Lukather Reveals His Going Deaf

via Australian Musician / Youtube

Steve Lukather, acclaimed guitarist of the band Toto, recently revealed his ongoing battle with hearing loss. In a candid interview with Australian Musician, Lukather shared the challenges he faces and how his condition affects his performances.

Discovering the Impact of Hearing Loss

During the interview, Steve Lukather candidly discussed his hearing loss, acknowledging the difficulties he encounters as a result. Reflecting on his condition, Lukather shared:

“My hearing is a little bit messed up… I don’t listen really loud anymore. I can’t do that to myself anymore.”

These words shed light on the toll that years of playing amplified music and wearing headphones in the studio have taken on his ears.

The Challenges and Adaptations

Lukather elaborated on how his hearing loss affects his performances, explaining:

“I’ve got hearing loss… I wear f-cking hearing aids… [if it’s] loud, it hurts.”

Despite these challenges, Lukather has found ways to continue doing what he loves. He now relies on in-ear monitors during live performances, enabling him to have better control over the sound mix and protect his hearing. Lukather’s ability to adapt and find solutions demonstrates his commitment to his craft and the passion he holds for music.

Addressing the Root Cause

In the interview, Lukather traced the origins of his hearing issues to his early days as a musician. He recounted how years of playing loud music and wearing headphones for extended periods led to what he refers to as an “acoustic trauma.” However, Lukather emphasized that he took measures to prevent further damage. He started using earplugs during live performances and later transitioned to in-ear monitors, prioritizing his hearing health and making conscious choices to protect his ears.

A Determination to Keep Going

Despite the challenges he faces, Steve Lukather has no plans for retirement. He remains dedicated to his craft and continues to pursue his musical endeavors. Alongside the release of his new album, “Bridges,” Lukather is set to embark on a fall tour with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his music and his desire to share it with audiences around the world.