U.S. Soldiers Cover Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”- Bluegrass Style

YouTube / Country Rebel

These Soldiers Definitely String Our Hearts Along

How do you take an already emotional song and add a little extra heavy? Simply bring a few talented soldiers from the U.S. Field Band together to perform a BEAUTIFUL cover. The Six-Stringed Soldiers bring the lyrics of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” to life in a whole different way. The song is about the immense wait of feeling a loved one’s absence.  Sacrificing time with family and friends to protect our homeland is an all too familiar reality for our soldiers. All veterans have experienced that exact feeling of loneliness. You can hear the band  deliver the song’s message with well played fiddles and guitars.To watch these active duty soldiers play their stringed instruments alongside the gritty lyric’s of “Wish You Were Here,”  is a sentimental experience.

Six- Stringed Soldiers / Facebook

A Band Who Gives Us Music For The Heart and Soul

The Six-Stringed Soldiers have a deep respect and understanding for what the lyrics mean. Their talent is as commendable as their service. The lyrics take on somewhat of a different meaning when a soldier sings them. You think of war when you hear “did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?.” War is a political consequence of our government’s intercommunications with other countries. Those who protect and serve our country are at the front lines of war and many times find solace in music.The YouTube video of the Six- Stringed Soldier’s acoustic Pink Floyd cover was posted appropriately on Veteran’s Day. Watching the group surely will make you combat your own feelings on loss- especially on a day when we think of soldier’s in wars passed.