Understanding Steven Tyler’s Best Song

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Dream On – “The Hunger To Be Somebody!”

The time before Steven Tyler wrote Dream On, he was insecure about everything – his voice, the way they sound on the recording, and the big bands during their era. Most of their tracks in their debut album Tyler’s uses a lower-pitched tone, but Dream On was an exception. He stated in an interview (2011) that he managed to find the chords for the song by remembering the way his father played the piano.

Dream On is a very reflective song and has the power to uplift and give you the courage to face the world. The very first line, ‘Every time I look in the mirror,’ sets such a tone right from the beginning. It’s like Steven Tyler is describing that he’s getting older –  ‘lines on my face,’ and talks about how ‘the past is gone’;  an idea that you can never look back and the past can never be taken back, and yet, with ‘Isn’t that the way//Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay.’


Dream On tells a story not only for Steven Tyler but for everyone else – that everything happens for a reason and this is a fate for us all. And with the lines – ‘I know nobody knows//Where it comes or where it goes’ – surely gives the point. Dream On shows that every individual is too blind to see the future and unable to withstand the past and time moves on so fast.

The chorus part then celebrates the life that every person has; ‘sing’ for everything – anyone may lose their life at any given time. And the repetitions of ‘dream on,’ Steven Tyler pushes us forward, giving us the determination and knowledge that dreams do come true.  Dream On gives you the edge you need, to achieve your dreams.

Start dreaming and sing the song with Steven Tyler in the video below: