Unraveling The Mystery: 3 Intentionally Confusing Beatles Songs

via Beatles Bootlegs / YouTube

The Beatles had a large collection of songs, and some of them were difficult to comprehend. Devotees of the group analyzed the lyrics and endeavored to extract significance from their music. Occasionally, they succeeded in discovering the purpose of the songs. However, there were at least three tracks the band composed with the aim of perplexing their audience.


“I Am the Walrus”

John Lennon and Pete Shotton wrote the song “I Am the Walrus” with inspiration from a nursery rhyme. Lennon admitted that he wrote the song to confuse people who tried to find meaning in Beatles’ songs. He added the lyrics of “Yellow matter custard, green slop pie, all mixed together with a dead dog’s eye” into the song and challenged people to interpret it.


“Glass Onion”

“Glass Onion” was written by John Lennon as a follow-up to “I Am the Walrus” to confuse listeners even more. He referred to the previous song in this one, saying, “The Walrus was Paul” and he did it intentionally to mislead listeners. He explained that the line could have been anything as long as it puzzled people, and it was just a bit of poetry.


“Dig a Pony”

John Lennon wrote the song “Dig a Pony” as a love song to Yoko Ono by stringing together nonsensical phrases. He described it as “another piece of garbage” and it is difficult for even the most dedicated fans to find any meaning in the lyrics.