Video Visit Of Paul To George Shows Their Brotherhood And We’re Crying

via mezzanish / Youtube

Paul McCartney and George Harrison, two of the beloved Beatles, shared a deep and enduring friendship that began long before their iconic band took the world by storm. A recent video visit between the two legends has brought tears to the eyes of fans, highlighting the beauty of their brotherly bond.

In the early days, McCartney and Harrison’s connection was forged on the bus ride to school.

Although they were a year apart, their shared passion for music served as the foundation for their friendship.

“I knew George from the bus,” McCartney fondly recalled, as documented in The Beatles Anthology. “Before I went to live in Allerton, I lived in Speke. We lived on an estate which they used to call the Trading Estate. (I understand now that they were trying to move industry there to provide jobs, but then we didn’t ever consider why it was called a trading estate.) George was a bus stop away. I would get on the bus for school, and he would get on the stop after.”

Despite their close age, McCartney admitted that he sometimes spoke down to Harrison due to the one-year age difference.

Harrison often appeared much younger, and this perception was challenging to overcome as they grew older.

“So, being close to each other in age, we talked — although I tended to talk down to him because he was a year younger,” McCartney acknowledged. “I know now that that was a failing I had all the way through the Beatle years. If you’ve known a guy when he’s thirteen and you’re fourteen, it’s hard to think of him as grown-up. I still think of George as a young kid.”

Their journey from a chance encounter on a school bus to the heights of musical fame, intertwined with the complexities of life in The Beatles, only deepened their connection. However, as The Beatles era came to a close, their relationship faced challenges.

Harrison grew weary of how both McCartney and John Lennon treated him, reserving a significant portion of his frustration for McCartney. In McCartney’s eyes, Harrison had always been like a younger brother.

The video visit between these two musical giants, was filled with memories and shared experiences. Keep going for the video below: