Vince Neil’s At Oklahoma Fair Cut Short Due To Shooting Incident

via Jim Powers / Youtube

Vince Neil, the frontman of Motley Crue, had his Saturday night performance at the Oklahoma State Fair unexpectedly interrupted by a shooting incident that occurred nearby, prompting concerns for the safety of concertgoers.

In a social media post, Vince Neil shared his account of the chaotic night, saying:

“At a concert in Oklahoma City, crazy night last night. 3/4 of the way through the set, people started running. We were told to get in [the] dressing room. There were shooters shooting people. Thank you fans for your understanding.”

The performance took place at the Chickasaw Country Entertainment Stage, just a short distance from the Bennett Event Center, where the shooting incident reportedly unfolded.

Neil’s set had commenced at 8 PM, but roughly an hour later, the fairgrounds were filled with panic as gunshots rang out.

The Oklahoma State Fair shooting has been characterized by authorities as an “isolated incident” that originated from an argument between two individuals. The dispute escalated, leading to one person shooting the other at close range, resulting in the victim being in critical condition. A suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the incident.

Witnesses at the fair reported scenes of chaos, with people running and hurriedly leaving the area following the sound of gunshots. Children were understandably upset during the confusion.

Vince Neil, quoting local news coverage of the shooting, shared these details on social media. He expressed gratitude that he and his team were unharmed and took a moment to thank the fans who had attended the event. Neil also issued a plea for everyone to stay safe.

Motley Crue, the renowned glam metal group, had a busy year of performances in the U.S. and internationally, as part of their ongoing tour alongside Def Leppard.

Meanwhile, Vince Neil also played a series of solo shows at state fairs and festivals during breaks in Motley Crue’s touring schedule this summer.

Looking ahead, Motley Crue is set to head to Japan and Australia for some performances in November. Additionally, Vince Neil has hinted at the possibility of a North American tour for the band in the summer of 2024, although official details have not yet been announced.

The incident at the Oklahoma State Fair serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live events and the importance of safety precautions for both performers and attendees.