Vocal Teacher Stupefied In Ozzy’s Vocal Analysis

via @Ozzy Osbourne | YouTube

Ozzy Osbourne is considered an icon of pop culture and entertainment. In addition, he is a living legend, with his eccentricities and his excesses. On December 3, 1948, he was born in Birmingham, England, as John Michael Osbourne, later he would become Ozzy and the rest is history.

The singer became known with Black Sabbath, since then he is considered one of the most recognized and influential figures of hard rock of all time. In addition, he is the protagonist of controversies in which truth seems to surpass fiction…

Osbourne is described as the godfather of heavy metal, also being called “The Prince of Darkness”. His manager is Sharon Levy, daughter of the man who also managed Black Sabbath (John Arden), marrying Osbourne in 1982.

Ozzy Osbourne always gives something to talk about, for better or for worse. He decided to dedicate himself to music after being influenced by The Beatles from a young age. Especially because of John Lennon, like this, he often wears round glasses similar to the one worn by the founder of the Liverpool quartet.

Ozzy Osbourne starred in brilliant pages of rock history, as well as various controversies throughout his career. On many occasions, they happened especially due to excesses and also thanks to a certain innocence. They would have been provoked by mixing their naivety… also in complicity with their substance abuse. Thus, he would end up increasing his eccentric fame and even with airs of myth, unwittingly, from the beginning of his career.

In the video below, a YouTube channel called The Charismatic Voice did a vocal analysis of Ozzy Osbourne. Professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff took the liberty to analyze the voice of the prince of darkness as she listen, for the first time, to Ozzy’s hit, Crazy Train. To her surprise, she found Ozzy’s voice astonishing, and not only that but the guitar solo as well.

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