Watch A 2009 Video Of Panic At The Disco Covering Don’t Stop Believing By Journey

Don’t Panic! Hold on to that feeling…


When Panic! At the Disco singer Brendon Urie opens his mouth, there’s no doubt that an incredible voice will come out of it. The Nevada native has a wide vocal rage that can pierce through the band’s signature heavy instrumentation. So when he goes unplugged with just a guitar, his solid vocal prowess stands out even more. His soaring octaves and lower registers is evident in the rock stylings he does when he sings.

Though Panic! At The Disco has many great originals, it’s also very refreshing to hear them sing covers and make it their own. That is certainly what Urie did when he sang a live, unplugged version of Journey’s classic “Don’t Stop Believing” in 2009. What Urie does with his covers is that he makes it sound different than the original without taking away some of its natural elements.

A then 22-year old Urie introduces the performance awkwardly by saying,

“I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m a cheesy guy.”


There’s certainly nothing cheesy about his seriously amazing rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Check out his performance below: