Watch A Classical Musician’s First Listen and Reaction To Neil Peart

via Virgin Rock / Youtube

The late Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, was known as “The Professor” of drumming but was still more than willing to learn a thing or two from his peers. He gathered together the albums of legendary rock musicians like books on a syllabus, demonstrating that he was maybe the sharpest drummer in the world. He also had a lot of volumes because his work lasted for four decades.

Numerous generations of drummers throughout the world have been influenced by Neil’s drumming and poetry over the years. We are certain that his legacy will endure for a very long time.

Behind the drum kit, Neil Peart was a real virtuoso who provided his colleagues with a solid foundation. The veteran Rush drummer and songwriter went away this week following a three-and-a-half year struggle with brain cancer. Fans and other musicians occasionally nicknamed him Peart as “The Professor” since there was always something to learn from him, as Dave Grohl noted in a eulogy. His performances highlighted the rhythm section, and his seldom matched technical ability motivated millions of others to pick up a pair of sticks.

A Youtuber and classical musician named “Virgin Rock” had her first taste of Neil Peart’s incredible drumming as she listened to the legend for the first time in her video reaction below.