Watch A Heartfelt Cover Of “Hotel California”

via Reina del Cid / Youtube

Hotel California is one of the most iconic songs in rock history. Released by the Eagles in 1977, the song has become a classic and is still beloved by music fans all over the world. While the original version of the song will always be definitive, there have been many covers of Hotel California over the years. One of the most recent and impressive covers comes from Reina del Cid, a talented musician, and songwriter, and her band.

Reina del Cid’s version of Hotel California features guest appearances by Josh Turner, Toni Lindgren, and Carson McKee, and was recorded in Bern, Switzerland during the band’s European tour. The cover captures the essence of the original song while putting a unique spin on it, making it something truly special.

The cover begins with Reina del Cid’s haunting acoustic guitar intro, which sets the mood for the entire song. Her vocals are smooth and powerful, with a hint of huskiness that adds to the emotional impact of the song. Josh Turner’s harmonies blend seamlessly with Reina’s lead vocals, creating a rich and dynamic sound that is both haunting and beautiful.

The instrumental work on the cover is also exceptional. Toni Lindgren’s lead guitar work is intricate and precise, capturing the essence of the original guitar solo while putting her own unique spin on it. Carson McKee’s bass work and Andrew Foreman’s drums provide a driving rhythm that propels the song forward and gives it a sense of urgency and power.

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