Watch A.J. Croce Cover ‘Time In A Bottle’ By His Dad Jim Croce

via Top 2000 a gogo / Youtube

The lyrics tell us about how life is a succession of memorable memories when you have by your side the person you can ever love the most, such as your child. And you wish you could keep them in a bottle or box so they never get lost.

Yes, that is the meaning of the song, Jim Croce wrote the song Time In A Bottle to his son, a now, 49 years old A.J. Croce, performing the song that his dad wrote about him.

Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” song, although it sounds like a romantic song, wrote it to his son Adrian when his wife told him she was pregnant in 1970.

The song was released in ’72, the cruelest thing in history is that Jim died in September 1973 in a plane crash. Some called it a premonition to wanting to keep time in a bottle. Watch Adrian James Croce cover “Time In A Bottle” in the video below: