Watch An Incredible ZZ Top’s “La Grange” Played With a Gayageum

via Luna Lee / Youtube

Billy Gibbons must be informed about this woman! Although we don’t often enjoy covers, this wonderfully captures the spirit and attitude of ZZ Top. She performs the ZZ version of this song while capturing all the complexities of B.G’s phrasing. She should jam with them. It’s amazing to hear this well-known song played on a different instrument.

On the Gayageum, musician Luna Lee performed a playful rendition of the 1973 rock song La Grange. We like to think that there is a Korean ZZ Top lurking, complete with hot-rod Hyundais, equally long beards, and whirling gayageum instead of guitars.

This collection of rock songs that Luna Lee sang on her Korean Gayageum on YouTube serves as another evidence of her excellence. You can hear every note being expertly strung and marvel at how her fingers operate. The amount of practice needed to master the instrument and develop these sounds with such accuracy and recognizability is unknown. Although the harmonics of such an instrument may not appear particularly challenging, it would undoubtedly require a lot of practice to become proficient in knowing which strings to play and how to do so in order to produce the desired sound.

Luna Lee is a master of the historical Korean stringed instrument called Gayageum. You can enjoy her rendition of ZZ Top’s “La Grange” as she plucks her way to awesomeness playing Gayageum in the video below: