Watch Angus Young, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads Try To Play Like Eddie Van Halen

via Kar's Guitar Channel / Youtube

Eddie Van Halen’s guitar wizardry forever transformed the world of rock music. His inventive playing broke barriers and ignited the passions of guitarists everywhere, inspiring them to channel his iconic style. In the captivating video below, witness legendary guitarists Angus Young, Ritchie Blackmore, and Randy Rhoads trying to play like Eddie Van Halen.

Angus Young Embracing the Power of Eddie’s Licks

For generations, Angus Young’s electrifying riffs have thrilled AC/DC fans. Even this seasoned master couldn’t resist the allure of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar sorcery. Angus takes on Eddie’s signature licks with a fierce gleam in his eyes. His own thunderous energy melds with the familiar melodies, showcasing the boundless reach of Eddie’s influence.

Shredding with Reverence

Ritchie Blackmore, the genius behind Deep Purple and Rainbow, embarks on a melodic exploration of Eddie’s brilliance. Known for his intricate melodies, Blackmore finds himself drawn to Eddie’s unique fusion of precision and soul. Ritchie’s nimble fingers dance across the fretboard, as he ventures into uncharted realms while harmonizing his style with Eddie’s spirit.

The virtuoso Randy Rhoads, whose mastery shaped Ozzy Osbourne’s early sound, approaches the challenge with profound respect. His intricate fingerwork and awe-inspiring shredding techniques intertwine with Eddie’s groundbreaking methods. As the notes resound, it becomes clear that Eddie’s legacy lives on through the skillful fingers of fellow guitarists.

While Eddie’s hands may no longer grace the strings, his spirit lives on in the riffs, melodies, and daring solos of countless musicians. Keep going for the video below: